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Some places on cyber space that I frequent...


Here are the few Forums that I frequent..

BaganNet Forums   - My Top visited forum because I can meet with fellow myanmars
JoviTalk2                -  The place to talk about and get information on Bon Jovi, my favourite band, and their music
Doggie Site             -   The place to talk about dogs , puppies and related issues.. I am a dog lover :D
IceRed                     -  Some kinky place with interesting posts... Welcome to the adult world!!
HK Drama Froums -  This is the place to talk about HK drama serials and HK stars
Bon Jovi Official Forum - You will be amazed at the volumes of the posts least 500 posts for 1 mintue

Other Sites

Here are other interesting sites that I frequent..

Speical Useful Sites

Zin Yaw Ni (Red Seagull)  - My Forum Friend, Ducky, site... with loads of interesting links..
Currency Converter          -  Very Handy site...Try it!

Music (mostly Bon Jovi) Related Sites

Ultimate Bon Jovi             -  Almost complete Bon Jovi fan site with lots of Bootlegs info and lyrics
Metal-Sludge                    -  You gotta love this site if you are metal lover or rocker...'nuff said.
Jovi Papers                       -  Not much information here but a lot of nice BonJovi Wallpapers..
BonJovi Interactive          -  Very complete and good BonJovi Site
BackStage With JBJ        - Official Jon Bon Jovi's fan site with hard to remember URL..
Dry County                        - Very Good Non-Official BonJovi Site..

HK / Japan / Korea Drama & Stars Sites

SPCNet                             -  Very Complete Site about almost all the reviews on current and old Chinese Serials
Korean Wiz Site                -  For the lovers of Korean Dramas
Obsession Cafe                 -  HK stars pics and who is who in HK serials
VCD Bazzar                       - Very interesting site where you can buy/trade hard-to-find Chinese Serials
Chow Yun-Fat Fan Site     -  Very complete Chow Yun Fat fan site with his movie reviews..
Dicky Cheung's Fan Site  -  He is not my favourite actor but I like his actings and this site is excellent..