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Finally !! It seems like a million years that I have sort of abandon this web site. But, now... I am BACK!!! 

First, apologies for my looooooong absence and thanks to those of you who sign in my guestbook. After reading through my guestbook, I have decided to re-animate this site again. Thanks again. If you haven't signed in yet, pls sign in my guestbook. 

Secondly, my back-up site at is gone. So, there will be no achieves for e-book. And the mailing list from is gone too. Now is defunct. So, again, there will be no mailing list and there will be one and only this web site. But fret not, I also have blog at the moment. That blog is mostly about comics and graphics novel and my thoughts on them. So come on in to my blog at

I also intend to have more blogs about technical (IT and Computer) tips/tricks and stuff like that and another blog about my rants and thoughts and ramblings. But those are the intentions. Don't know when or whether there will be such blogs at all. 

Anyway, I intend to update my site regularly. Please check and download the e-books and if you cannot, please be patient and try again 'cos tripod has the bandwidth limit for certain time periods. Again Thanks for visiting.




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